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The power of Automation

applied to the challenge of Enterprise Backup Operations






Focus on your business and let Collective manage your backups


The Backup Problem

Enterprise and mid-enterprise companies whose data size requires them to maintain “on premise” backup operations are faced with a hugely complex and critical challenge.  Despite large investments in hardware, software and personnel, many companies struggle to achieve consistently acceptable data protection certainty and recoverability.  These problems can most often be traced to incomplete or failed backup jobs that result in dozens or hundreds of alerts and escalations that simply consume and overwhelm even the most talented and committed IT operations teams.  Most of the time a backup job fails, you don’t know it until you need to recover the data – and then, it’s too late!

Because data backup is a CRITICAL function for companies but not a CORE function, it has long been recognized as a perfect candidate for out-tasking.  Until now however, no affordable outsourcing solution existed that was capable of effectively tackling this problem. 


Your Backup Solution- RAMP TotalOps

Through a combination of invention, technology, process and expertise, Collective has solved this problem by creating the first affordable solution capable of taking complete ownership for out-tasking the daily on-going operations of critical backup and recovery environments. We do this while leaving your data and systems intact and at your chosen sites and giving you a real time portal to view the exact state of your backups for both comfort and compliance reasons.  Our technology leverage creates significant cost savings for you, and your overburdened IT support teams are freed to focus on issues that add value to your organization.  Most importantly, you can be confident in knowing that your critical data is backed up and available when needed. 


How We Do This

We begin by performing a HealthCheck on your existing backup infrastructure to determine if the architecture, design, implementation and current hardware and software elements are capable of achieving your desired backup goals.  If needed, we work closely with your IT staff to implement the necessary changes.  Once the infrastructure is stabilized, we install our unique RAMP (Remote Automation Management Platform) appliance in close proximity to your master backup servers to monitor all the necessary elements of the backup process. RAMP can be delivered as either a physical or virtual appliance, is highly secure, agentless and never sees or touches your data.  It concerns itself only with the metadata associated with your particular backup implementation. 


RAMP is based on a technology of our own creation we call “AutoRemediation” (AR).  AR has the ability to find and fix the great majority of Level 1 and Level 2 errors that cause backup jobs to fail; immediately and without human intervention. Once installed and tuned to your environment, RAMP acts as our eyes and ears, monitoring every backup job to successful completion, and responding instantly to any environmental issue that might cause a job to fail. When a problem falls outside the scope of our AR framework, our Remote Management Center (RMC) springs into action.


Staffed 24X7 by the industry’s leading backup and recovery experts, the RMC is presented with a detailed trouble ticket populated with all the environmental data and a complete manifest of every event leading up to the failure.  Supported by a rich set of tools, they drive every problem to determination and remediation.  Each escalated event is later examined for root cause and considered as a candidate for inclusion in our AR framework. 


Industrial Strength Solution

Unlike the current explosion of Cloud Based Managed Backup companies, Collective’s RAMP TotalOps solution is built for customers with large, complex and highly critical data backup needs.  As compelling as “backup in the cloud” may sound, it’s simply not a viable solution for companies with even moderately large data stores.  It’s great for backing up executives’ laptops but there’s no reasonable way to move terabytes of data over the Internet in a typical backup window.  And even if you have days to complete your backups, when you need your data back, you need it back now! 


Instead of backup in the cloud, think of “backup operations in the cloud”, with the flexibility for your data to be backed up regardless of where you choose to position it – on premise, in the cloud, at a remote data center or at a field facility. 



The Bottom Line

Some things in life must just be done correctly and backup is one of these.  But perfect backups won’t win you any accolades – it will just burn out your IT operations team.  Why not let the experts at Collective out task all your daily backup operation challenges?  You’ll save money, unburden your IT staff and most importantly, be absolutely certain that your critical data is backed up and available on demand.


RAMP Value Proposition

For IT Operations Teams: No more sleepless nights, never-ending backup job alerts flooding your mailbox and redundant low-level failures that require the same fix, over and over again.  Out tasking your backup operations to Collective will allow you to focus on improving your company’s infrastructure and solving problems that warrant your attention.

For IT Management: Gain the comfort of knowing your critical data is protected and available for restore when needed.  And with RAMP’s powerful reporting capability, you will always have your finger on the exact performance of your backup environment.  No more guessing if the job ran or if the data is available for restore.  With Collective and RAMP doing the “heavy lifting” of daily backups, your operations team will recapture those lost hours that you can apply to making environmental improvements and addressing IT initiatives that add value to your business.  Imagine not having to play catch up ball all the time!

For Financial Management:  Entrusting your backup operations to Collective will result in immediate and measurable Op Ex cost improvement. Moreover, your ability to meet compliance reporting requirements will be greatly enhanced.  Most importantly, you gain the certainty of knowing that your critical corporate data is fully protected and available on demand.